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Can my landlord come into my place whenever they want?

Can my landlord come into my place whenever they want?


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August, 2015

The place you are renting is your home. Your landlord must respect your right to have privacy.

The reasons listed in Step 2 are the only reasons your landlord, or anyone working for them, has a right to come in. If they have a valid reason and follow the rules, you have to let them in, and they can even come in when you are not home.

You can let your landlord in at other times and for other reasons but that is up to you. If they do not have a valid reason or are not following the rules, they have no right to come into your home, and you do not have to let them in.

If your landlord repeatedly invades your privacy, that could be considered harassment. There are things you can do if your landlord is harassing you.

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