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Can Ontario Works help pay for a special diet?

Can Ontario Works help pay for a special diet?


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October, 2016

People who have certain medical conditions might be able to get a special diet allowance as part of the financial assistance they get from Ontario Works (OW).

The special diet allowance is to help with the extra costs of a special diet. The amount people get depends on their medical conditions.

The most a person can get as a special diet allowance is $250 a month. And for some conditions, the amount is much lower.

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding

A woman who is pregnant or breast-feeding can get a nutritional allowance. This is separate from a special diet allowance.

Talk to your OW worker about how to apply for this.

If you qualify for both, you can get a special diet allowance and nutritional allowance at the same time.

If OW refuses to give you a special diet allowance

If OW refuses your application for a special diet allowance, you can appeal the decision.

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