COVID-19 news

COVID-19 News

Federal Court ending suspension period; Ontario starts first phase of courts reopening plan

From iPolitics - Slowly but surely, courtrooms in Canada are starting to reopen to the public. But, don’t expect judicial proceedings to get back to normal anytime soon.

Starting today, the registry counters for the Federal Court are reopening, though with limited staff, which will only accept filings for paper copies of confidential documents. They were closed to the public in mid-March.

Ontario courts to resume in-person trials starting July 6 -

From - Trials and preliminary hearings will resume across the province starting July 6 with a limited number of courtrooms, according to an update from the Ontario Court of Justice.

“All participants in a trial or preliminary inquiry, including the accused person(s), counsel and witness(es) will attend in person, unless a judge has directed otherwise,” according to the update.

CERB payments to be extended for 2 more months - CBC News

From CBC News - The Canada emergency response benefit (CERB) is being extended by two more months, even as the government encourages people to look for jobs and to go back to work when it's possible to do so.

CERB has provided taxable payments of $2,000 for up to four months to Canadians who lost income because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ontario Extending Infectious Disease Emergency Leave for Workers during COVID-19

From the Government of Ontario - Today the government announced that it is enacting a new regulatory amendment that will put non-unionized employees who have been temporarily laid off because of COVID-19 on Infectious Disease Emergency Leave during the outbreak. This will ensure businesses aren’t forced to terminate employees after their 13 weeks of temporary layoffs have expired.