COVID-19 news

COVID-19 News

Coronavirus: Ontario extends hydro rate relief but rates will still rise - Global News

From Global News - Ontario is extending its COVID-19 residential electricity rate relief for another five months, but the fixed price will be going up by nearly three cents per kilowatt hour.

Premier Doug Ford’s office said Saturday that hydro rates will now be a flat 12.8 cents per kilowatt hour, regardless of the time of day.

mediate393 announces free online family mediation services

From mediate393 - mediate393 provides government-funded family mediation and information services in Toronto’s Superior Court of Justice (393 University Avenue, 9th floor) and two Ontario Courts of Justice (311 Jarvis St and 47 Sheppard Ave.).

In response to COVID:19, mediate393 is offerring free online family mediation in court, subsidized family mediation for anyone and free family information & resources. Visit their website for more details at:

Ontario's Attorney General commits to permanent modernization for remote notarizing, commissioning (Canadian Lawyer Magazine)

From Canadian Lawyer Magazine - Attorney General Doug Downey says that some of the justice-system changes in response to COVID-19 will “absolutely” become permanent, amid positive feedback from the bar. 

“Working with our justice partners has been a very positive experience,” says Downey. “We all agree that we cannot go back to the way the system was.”

On May 12, the Ontario legislature passed an omnibus bill, COVID-19 Response and Reforms to Modernize Ontario Act 2020, which codified the process for remotely commissioning or notarizing a document.