COVID-19 news

COVID-19 News

Refugees face more hardship settling during lockdown, advocates say (CBC News)

From CBC News - Hamzeh Alnas came to Canada to start a new life. 

After fleeing Syria's civil war, the 26-year-old arrived in British Columbia on Jan. 15, 2020, with his partner, Julia. They began working two weeks later at the Four Seasons hotel in Whistler. 

But then on Jan. 25, Canada registered its first "presumptive case" of COVID-19, with the coronavirus pandemic ultimately leading to widespread shutdowns and physical distancing measures.

CRA could have a 'field day' with questionable COVID-19 claims, investigators warn (CBC News)

From CBC News - New federal benefit programs aimed at helping shuttered businesses and people now out of work could pose a dilemma for those who tend to skirt Canadian rules and laws. 

Anti-fraud and legal experts warn that anyone making questionable claims during the COVID-19 pandemic are still subject to the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) powers — which include the ability to perform audits, take back any money owed, and lay fines and serious criminal charges.

Many Ontario workers are trying to refuse work due to COVID-19 fears — but the government isn’t letting them (Toronto Star)

From the Toronto Star - Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, workers who fear contracting the virus have filed more than 200 work refusals. But the Ontario Ministry of Labour has not upheld a single one, after quietly establishing an internal committee to oversee inspectors’ enforcement efforts during the pandemic, the Star has learned.

Ford 'won't set hard dates' for reopening, saying Ontario must see drop in new COVID-19 cases first - CBC News

From CBC News: Ontario must see a "consistent two-to-four week decrease in the number of new daily COVID-19 cases" before the government can start loosening restrictions and begin reopening the economy, says a new framework for reopening released Monday.

The province will reopen its economy through a three-stage process in the coming weeks and months, says the document, though there's no firm date as to when that will begin.