Embed Steps to Justice content on your website

You can embed Steps to Justice content on your website to give your visitors reliable and practical legal information. 

Embedding Steps to Justice content lets you:

  • Give legal information on common legal problems your clients have
  • Keep your content up to date. Whenever we update Steps to Justice content, it's automatically updated on your website
  • Combine Steps to Justice content with local information for the communities you serve


  • Search feature lets visitors search all Steps to Justice content
  • Analytics let you track and collect statistics for embedded content
  • Multiple embed options let you choose by topic, size, and colour
  • Accessible for people with disabilities

How to get started

Step 1: Explore the content on Steps to Justice

Take a look at Steps to Justice and decide what content you want to embed on your website.

You can embed:

Step 2: Choose the embed size that fits your website

Embeds are available in 2 sizes: full page or sidebar.

The full page embed fits in the main area of a webpage. The links open inside the embed itself, so your visitors stay on your website.

The sidebar embed is smaller and all links open in a new window, taking your visitors to the Steps to Justice website.

Here are previews of the 2 sizes:

Full Page  Sidebar 
All Topics Embed - Full Page All Topics Embed - Sidebar
Legal Topic Embed - Full Page Legal Topic Embed - Sidebar
Sub-topic Embed - Full Page Sub-topic Embed - Sidebar
Single Question Embed - Full Page Single Question Embed - Sidebar
Step 3: Choose the colour option that matches your website

Embeds are available in 2 colour options: full colour (which has the Steps to Justice website colours of blue and yellow) or grey. 

Here are previews of the 2 colour options:

Full Colour  Grey 
All Topics Embed - Full Colour All Topics Embed - Grey
Step 4: Register to get embed instructions

Register your organization's information to get access to the Steps to Justice embed tool. We will email you instructions within 2 business days.

Please note that only government and non-profit organizations in Ontario are able to embed Steps to Justice content. 

Need help?

If you have any questions, or need help, please contact us.

Get Started

Register your contact information to get access to the Steps to Justice embedding tool. We will email you instructions within 2 business days.


Embedding Steps to Justice Content : A Video Introduction

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