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Have you separated from your partner? Are you thinking about starting a family law court case to resolve your legal issues? Or, has your partner started a family law court case against you? Steps in a Family Law Case can help you understand and work through the family law court process in Ontario.

Click on any box on the flowcharts to learn about what happens at that step in the process and what you may need to do. You can return to the flowchart at any time to see what the next step is and where you're in the court process. Some of the site's other tools and features are explained here.

These flowcharts apply only to cases dealing with child and , , , and . They don't show the court process if you only want a , or for family law issues like adoption and child protection.

Steps in a Family Law Case is a set of 3 interactive flowcharts:

Before you start flowchart

Applicant flowchart

Respondent flowchart

These flowcharts have basic information about the steps in a typical family law case in Ontario. They are only a guide. What you have to do at each step depends on the facts of your case.

To get legal information and help before you make decisions or even before you talk to a lawyer, read Getting legal help for more information.

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Reviewed: March 20, 2023
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