Prepare for your trial

You have a lot to do to prepare for your trial.

Until now, you and your partner put all the documents you wanted the judge to look at in the continuing record. You can't use the continuing record for your trial. Instead, Rule 23: Evidence and Trial says you must use a Trial Record.

At least 20 days before your trial date, your partner will you with a trial record. It will have:

You can add to your partner's trial record by serving and filing your documents at least 7 days before the trial starts. You serve your partner by or . Serve your documents below explains how to do this.

See Count time below to understand how to calculate days or time correctly. This is important because court staff may not accept your documents if you haven't followed the rules.

You have to tell the court that you will be at your trial. Confirm your court date below explains how to do this. If you or any of your witnesses need an interpreter or any special arrangement because of a disability, see Ask for a special arrangement below.

You also have to think about the documents and witnesses that you plan to use at your trial.

Get your documents

Get your witnesses

How to:

Ask for a special arrangement

Confirm your court date

Count time

Serve your documents

Reviewed: March 20, 2023
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