In Criminal Law

Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care with the result that damage or injury happens.


In Family Law

Negotiation is the process of trying to agree with your partner. Both partners usually need to agree to something other than what they had first wanted for them to agree. You can negotiate with or without a lawyer.

net earnings

In Income Assistance

Your net earnings are what’s left after your employer takes income tax and other things like Canada Pension Plan or Employment Insurance contributions or union dues from your pay.

Some people call this “take-home pay”.

net family property

In Family Law

Net family property (NFP) is how much money a married partner is worth at the end of the relationship after taking into account what they brought into the marriage.

To calculate a married partner’s NFP, usually you add together all assets minus all debts that they had on the day they separated from their partner. Then you also subtract all assets minus all debts they had on the date of marriage. Some assets or debts are treated differently in this calculation. For example, some gifts and inheritances are not included.

net income

In Income Assistance

Net income is your total income after taxes and other deductions.


In Human Rights

Non-binary is a person whose gender identity is different from stereotypical gender categories and who may not identify as either a trans man or trans woman. Non-binary can include a person who identifies as both a male and a female, neither a male nor a female, or some other gender.

non-custodial sentence

In Criminal Law

A non-custodial sentence is a sentence that does not require time in jail. For example, a suspended sentence or having to pay a fine.

non-liquidated claim

In Tribunals and Courts, Small Claims Court

A non-liquidated claim is a claim for an amount of money that a judge needs to approve. For example, the cost of damage to property, personal injury, poor workmanship, or termination pay. This type of claim requires a judge to look at the damages and decide how much is owed.

non-profit credit counsellors

In Debt and Consumer Rights

Non-profit credit counsellors are people who can give you advice about how to manage your debts and money. Usually, the goal is to help a person repay their debt, or avoid bankruptcy. Non-profit credit counsellors do not make money from the people they are trying to help, but may charge fees to help cover their costs.

non-removal order

In Abuse and Family Violence, Family Law

A non-removal order is an order a court makes to prevent one or both parents from taking their child out of a specified area, for example, the country or province.

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