Glossary - Family Law

temporary care and custody hearing

In Abuse and Family Violence, Child abuse and neglect, Family Law

A temporary care and custody hearing is a court process where the court decides what should happen to your child while your case is still going on. What the court decides at this hearing has to be followed until it is changed by another decision of the court or by an agreement that you make with the Children’s Aid Society.

temporary order

In Family Law

A temporary order, also called an interim order, is an order that lasts until:

  • the period of time, or event, that the order deals with ends
  • another temporary order is made
  • a final order is made
trial management conference

In Family Law

A trial management conference is a meeting between a judge and you and your partner, and your lawyers if you have any. The purposes of a trial management conference include:

  • talking about ways to solve those issues without going to a trial
  • deciding how the trial will proceed if you cannot solve your issues
  • setting a trial date, if this has not already been done
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