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Title: garnishee

A garnishee owes the debtor money, but is ordered by the court to pay it to that person’s creditor instead. For example, when wages are garnished, the garnishee is the employer that has to pay part of a person's wages to the court. Another example of a garnishee is the bank that has an account belonging to the debtor.

Title: garnishment

Garnishment is one option for getting money from someone if they didn't obey a court order to pay you. To do this, you have to fill out forms and follow the rules of the court that apply to this process.

You might be able to get money from:

  • someone's bank account
  • payments they get, like rent cheques from a tenant
  • their wages if they're employed
Title: garnishment

Garnishment is a way for a creditor to get money from someone who won't pay their debt. It involves taking money from the person’s bank account or from money they are going to receive. Usually, you need a court order to be able to do this.

Things that can be garnished include:

  • a bank account
  • regular payments, like rent cheques from a tenant
  • wages

There are some things that can’t be garnished, like:

  • employment insurance
  • social assistance
  • pensions (unless the creditor is a government agency)

If you have more than one charge outstanding, you can have one plea deal to resolve all your outstanding charges. If the charges are in different courthouses, you can have them transferred to the one courthouse for a global resolution. You may be able to negotiate a better plea position if you resolve your charges globally than if you proceeded with them separately.

Title: guarantor

A guarantor is a person or business who agrees to pay your debt if you do not. For example, you may need a guarantor for an apartment lease. If you don’t pay the rent on time, your guarantor has to pay the rent instead.

Title: guilty plea

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