Guided Pathway for responding to elder abuse

CLEO’s Guided Pathway for responding to elder abuse gives you information and resources to help you understand, prevent, and respond to elder abuse and violence.

Respond to elder abuse using CLEO’s Guided Pathways

You can use this pathway to learn about elder abuse. The pathway asks you questions, gives you information, and puts your answers in a safety plan. You can also save notes and information of interest to a personalized checklist. The pathway is free to use.

When you’re finished, you can save or print your documents.

Who is this Guided Pathway for?

This pathway is for anyone who wishes to learn more about responding to elder abuse. The pathway may provide different information if you’re completing it for yourself, or if you’re completing it on behalf of an older adult in your life.

The pathway is designed for people who live in Ontario, but the information may be helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about responding to elder abuse.

Some of the content may be disturbing. The pathway provides examples of different types of abuse. Abuse is described in detail, so people can identify it and help prevent it. Some users may find this upsetting.

Using the pathway

It can take between 15 minutes and 1 hour to complete the pathway, depending on how much information you want.

You can sign up to create an account or use the pathways as a guest. If you choose not to create an account, the system will time out after 4 hours. You must create an account if you want to save your work on the system, or use the other pathways without exiting the system and signing back in. If you have an account, you can save and exit the pathway at any time.

All of the information that you enter into the pathways is confidential. CLEO will not give your personal information to anyone unless you ask us to do this. Read more in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Need help?

If you need help using the Guided Pathways, or have questions contact

This Guided Pathway does not give you legal advice. For advice about your situation, talk to a lawyer.
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