Guided pathway for tenants who want a return of money the landlord owes: T1

This Guided Pathway helps tenants apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board if their landlord:

  • collected money from them that they should not have collected, or
  • did not pay them money that they owed them.

Fill out the T6

The pathway asks questions and puts your answers into the Board’s application form called Tenant Application for a Rebate of Money the Landlord Owes: Form T1. It will take about one hour to complete if you have all of the information you need to answer the questions.

When you’re finished, you can save and print the Form T1. You then give it to the Board in person, by mail, or by fax.

You can use this pathway if: What you need to get started:
  • you paid an illegal rent
  • you paid an illegal charge to your landlord, your landlord’s agent, or the superintendent
  • your landlord did not use your last month’s rent deposit to pay for your final rental period and did not return the deposit to you
  • you agreed to rent a place but did not move in, and the landlord did not return your deposit
  • your landlord owes you interest on your last month’s rent deposit
  • your landlord gave you a Form N12 or N13 notice to end your tenancy and did not pay you what they were supposed to pay
  • your landlord did not pay you the money they got from selling personal property that was left behind when you moved or when the tenant died
  • there was an Order Prohibiting a Rent Increase that applied to your rental unit but your landlord did not tell you about it when you moved in
  • the name your landlord uses on your rental agreement or lease
  • the approximate date you moved into your place, if you did
  • the date you moved out, if you did
  • the approximate dates when each problem happened
  • the approximate dates when you made any complaints about the problems
  • details about any money you had to spend because of the problems

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The Housing Law Guided Pathways do not give you legal advice. For advice about your situation, talk to a lawyer.

Tenants who have low incomes may be able to get free legal advice at their local community legal clinic. To find your local clinic, you can call Legal Aid Ontario at 1-800-668-8258 or visit their website.

Fill out the T6

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