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COVID-19: Updates on the law and benefits

CLEO has new information about the law and services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is the government giving $400 per child to all parents?

Employment Law:

Can I get paid sick days if I have COVID-19?

Immigration and Refugee Law:

I have temporary status and can’t leave because of COVID-19.

On the Radar: Access to vaccines and new ways to get permanent resident status

This month’s On the Radar from CLEO, looks at two important updates to immigration and refugee law. These are:

access to COVID-19 vaccinations for people without health coverage and people without immigration status
a new federal government pathway to permanent resident status for some essential workers and international students that starts May 6,

Welcome to the new look for Steps to Justice

Welcome to the new look for Steps to Justice. We’ve made some changes to Steps to Justice so it’s easier for you to use:

​ Cleaner design

Read and find practical legal information, referrals, and links to services more easily

New tools and resources

Use our guided pathways, letter-writing tools,

New information on human rights

Steps to Justice now has information about discrimination and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, including information about:

preparing for and participating in a hearing
discrimination by your landlord because of a disability or medical marijuana
discrimination at work, such as racial discrimination,

CLEO’s On the Radar: Changes to Family Law

On March 1, 2021, several changes to family law took effect. Besides revising parenting terms and defining family violence, the changes say:

partners must think about using an alternative dispute resolution process or family dispute resolution process to resolve their issues out of court
courts must consider the more detailed best interests of the child test
parents with a court order about parenting must usually give notice before they move or relocate with their child

Ontario’s family court forms have been revised to reflect these changes.

Updated information on family law

Steps to Justice‘s family law content and CLEO’s Guided Pathways have been updated to reflect changes that took effect on March 1, 2021. The changes include:

new and revised family law court forms
a more detailed best interests of the child test
a new definition of family violence that includes psychological and financial abuse
replacing the terms custody and access with decision-making responsibility and parenting time
requiring partners to think about using an alternative dispute resolution process or family dispute resolution process to resolve their issues out of court
requiring a parent to give notice before relocating with their child where there is a court order about parenting

Steps in a Family Law Case and CLEO’s family print series have also been updated.

New information on Powers of Attorney

Steps to Justice now has information about Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, including:

why it’s important to have one
how to make one
how to change or cancel one
the role of an attorney

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CLEO New and Revised CLEO Publications – February 18, 2021

CLEO has 3 new publications on Indigenous rights with information about:


All CLEO resources are once again available free of charge. For a complete list of our publications and to order, please visit

On the Radar: Getting COVID-19 benefits while on OW or ODSP

When the Canada Emergency Relief Benefit (CERB) ended, the Canadian government created 3 new Recovery Benefits and made changes to Employment Insurance (EI). There are special rules about these programs for people who are on Ontario Works (OW) or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).
This month’s On the Radar looks at how COVID-19 benefits interact with OW and ODSP.

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