CLEO’s New Guided Pathway for Open Work Permits

CLEO has a new Guided Pathway to help people fill out draft forms to apply for an open work permit in Canada. An open work permit allows someone to work for any employer in Canada. The pathway provides all the details on who is eligible, and what information and documents they need.

After users complete the pathway, they can enter the information from their draft forms into Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s online application. Using the pathway before applying online helps people understand the process, organize their information and documents, to answer questions correctly and avoid mistakes.

CLEO’s Guided Pathways are free online tools that take users through a series of questions and collect their answers to fill out legal forms in many legal processes. The forms can be saved and printed. Any personal information entered into the pathways is confidential.

Click here to learn more and use the new Guided Pathway for Open Work Permits.

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