What if I have to move out because of violence or abuse?

Usually, if you rent by the month or year or if you sign a , you must give your landlord 60 days' to end your and move out. And you can't end your tenancy before the end of a rental period or the end of your lease.

But if you need to move because you, or a child living with you, have experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse, you might be able to end your tenancy early.

You can do this by using the 's Form N15 – Tenant’s Notice to End my Tenancy Because of Fear of Sexual or Domestic Violence and Abuse. You can give this notice at any time. You don't have to wait until the end of the lease or rental .

To let your landlord know that the Form N15 applies to your situation, you must also give them one of the following:

The Next Steps have more detail about these forms and documents, and the process to follow.

Make sure to protect your online privacy when downloading these forms or looking for information about dealing with domestic violence.

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