Can I apply for Employment Insurance (EI) if I’m in quarantine?

You can qualify for Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits if you have to quarantine or self-isolate. Read more in I am too sick to work. Can I get EI?

Hours you need to qualify

If you're applying for EI special benefits, such as sickness or parental benefits, you normally need to have worked 600 insurable hours in the last 52 weeks.

But as of September 26, 2021, you only need to have worked 420 insurable hours in the past 52 weeks to qualify. This new rule will last until September 24, 2022.

Amount you can get

EI sickness benefits give people only 55% of their normal weekly earnings, up to a maximum of $595 a week. But during COVID-19, everyone will get at least $300 a week for claims started between September 26, 2021, and November 20, 2021.

End of the CERB

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) ended December 2, 2020. It was introduced in March 2020 to give money to people who stopped working because of COVID-19.

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