How do bail hearings work during COVID-19?

Bail, reviews, and reviews will be held remotely. If the accused is in , audio and video technology will be used wherever possible. In some cases, these matters will be conducted without the accused being present. For more information, read the notice from the court.

If you're going to act as a , you will have to talk to the lawyer for the accused. The lawyer will be responsible for confirming your identification and for helping you to sign an electronic bail release. Make sure you understand what it means to be a surety before agreeing to act as one. Read the question I’ve been asked to be a surety. What should I know about my rights and responsibilities? for more information.

There are two ways to change your bail conditions:

  • Consent bail variation: You or your lawyer can call the Crown to ask if they will agree to the changes you want. If the Crown says they agree, you and your surety can fill out the Application for Consent Bail Variation form and email it to the Crown. The Crown will fill in their part and send the form to the court. The court decides if the changes should be approved. You must follow your original bail conditions until the court emails you an approved form.
  • Bail review: Apply for a bail review at the Superior Court of Justice.
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