How do I get the COVID-19 Disability Benefit?

Because of COVID-19, the federal government is paying a Disability Benefit of up to $600 to anyone who has a Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate.

If you don't already have a valid DTC Certificate, you must apply for one by December 31, 2020, to get the COVID-19 Disability Benefit. The DTC Certificate is for people who have severe, long-term disabilities.

If you already have a valid DTC Certificate, you get the COVID-19 Disability Benefit automatically. There's nothing else you have to do.

Applying for the DTC Certificate

A medical professional must complete the application form with you.

This might be your medical doctor, nurse practitioner, or another professional depending on the type of disability you have. For example, this could be an occupational therapist, psychologist, speech-language pathologist, audiologist, optometrist, or physiotherapist.

It's important to act soon to make sure you can submit the form by the December 31 deadline.

Your application for the DTC Certificate does not have to be approved before December 31. You just need to submit it by that date.

Qualifying for a DTC Certificate

You may qualify for the DTC Certificate if you have severe, prolonged difficulty with your:

  • vision
  • speaking
  • hearing
  • walking
  • bowel or bladder functions
  • eating
  • getting dressed
  • mental health

You may also qualify for the DTC certificate if you get life-sustaining therapy, such as kidney dialysis, at least 3 times a week, for an average of 14 hours per week.

Older adults with disabilities

If you're an older adult with a disability, and you already qualified for the COVID-19: One-time payment for seniors, you can still get the COVID-19 Disability Benefit.

But if you don't have DTC Certificate, you'll need to apply for one.

If you qualify for both the seniors' payment and the COVID-19 Disability Benefit, the amount of your disability benefit payment will be less than the maximum $600. It will be:

  • $300 if you got $300 from your seniors' payment
  • $100 if you got $500 from your seniors' payment

Qualifying without a DTC Certificate

Even if you don't have a DTC Certificate, you may still qualify for the COVID-19 Disability Benefit. If you do qualify, you get it automatically. There's nothing else you have to do.

For example, you'll qualify if you were already getting either of these benefits as of July 1, 2020:

You'll also qualify if you get any of these supports from Veterans Affairs Canada:

  • Disability Pension
  • Disability Award
  • Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation
  • Critical Injury Benefit
  • Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance Program
  • Income Replacement Benefit
  • Canadian Forces Income Support
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