I have a hearing coming up at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Should I go?

As of March 19, 2020 the government has announced that all in-person hearings at the Human Rights Tribunal (HRTO) are postponed. Those hearings will be rescheduled to a later date.

Front-line counter services are also closed until further notice. You can send your applications, supporting documentation, and case-related submissions to hrto.registrar@ontario.ca. If your electronic files are larger than 35MB, send your documents in separate emails.

Remote hearings

The Tribunal will consider written hearings or telephone hearings for some cases.

The Tribunal should contact you about a new date. Make sure to watch for phone calls or notices in the mail. If you are represented by a lawyer or paralegal, make sure to tell them right away if the Tribunal contacts you.

If you are not able to proceed with a hearing or other matter, email hrto.registrar@ontario.ca or by fax at 416-326-2199 to have it rescheduled.

Time limits

Also as of March 16, 2020, all time limits for starting a case in Ontario law have stopped running. This is because of an emergency government order. Most cases at the Human Rights Tribunal must be started within one year from the date you were discriminated against. But the tribunal will not count the time between March 16 and whenever the time limits start running again when deciding if you're too late to start your claim.

The emergency order also allows courts and tribunals to postpone time limits for procedural orders, such as filing documents. Check with the Human Rights Tribunal about whether they still require you to file something on time.

When the Ontario government ends the state of emergency, the emergency order expires and the time limits start running again.

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