I want to change the conditions of my detention release. What can I do?

You can make a request to change any of the conditions of your release. Where you ask depends on the condition you want to change.

If your release order requires you to report to CBSA in person, that condition may have changed during COVID-19. But some people are reporting in person again. You may be able to report to CBSA by email or by phone. Find out more here.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Contact the CBSA office that ordered your release if you want to change:

  • where you report
  • how often you have to report
  • the terms of your curfew, for example, how late you can be outside of your home

To make your request, you can speak to a CBSA officer by phone or send them an email or letter. Find which CBSA office here. If the CBSA refuses your request, you can apply to the Immigration Division.

Immigration Division

Apply to the Immigration Division if you want to change:

  • where you live
  • who is your bondsperson, or other conditions about that person
  • other conditions, such as the number of times you report to CBSA or electronic monitoring

Use this application form to ask the Immigration Division to change your conditions. It's a good idea to get legal advice before you complete this form. A lawyer can help you explain why the new condition won't affect the decision to order your release.

On the form, you must say what you want the new conditions to be. You can attach supporting documents, such as a medical report, a job letter, or proof of a change of immigration status to explain the changes.

Send the completed form and any supporting documents by fax or email to the Immigration Division and the CBSA office where your file is. Find which Immigration Division office you should send it to here and which CBSA office here.

The CBSA might make submissions if they don't agree with your request. If they do make submissions, you have 3 days to respond. You will get a written decision from the Immigration Division.

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