I was released from Immigration detention. Can I report in person?

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Bond Reporting Centres have opened again. If you started reporting to CBSA by email or by phone during COVID-19, you might be able to continue reporting this way. But you might receive a letter that tells you to report in person.

How you report depends on where you live:

  • Northern Ontario: Call 613-990-8802 to report by phone or to ask for an email address you can use.
  • Southern Ontario: Your CBSA Enforcement officer will contact you to make arrangements for you to report. If nobody contacts you, write a letter to the CBSA office you report to and ask for instructions about how you should report. Keep a copy of this letter. Find the CBSA office you should report to here.
  • Greater Toronto Area: Report by email to ENQUIRIES222@cbsa.gc.ca. Include your full name and your 8- or 10-digit immigration ID number in the email. Keep proof that you sent the email. You should receive a response to your email once the report is processed.

If you live in another area of the province, find the CBSA office you should report to here.

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