My appeal is due at the RAD. What should I do?

If you're eligible to appeal a negative decision, you must do so within 15 days of receiving the written decision from the Refugee Board. File three copies of your Notice of Appeal Form with the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) and make a copy for yourself.

You also must file three copies of your Appellant's Record within 30 days of receiving the written decision. Your Appellant's Record includes the negative decision, your legal arguments, and the you're relying on for your appeal. Make a copy for yourself.

The (IRB) is open for in-person delivery of documents. Give all three copies of your Notice or Appellant's Record to the security guard. Make sure they stamp the date on all of them. Ask them to stamp your copy, to prove it was filed on time.

You can also file your documents through Canada Post's ePost service. You or your legal representative have to register with Canada Post. See the Instruction Guide and online form to register.

If you don't have ePost, you can also email or fax your documents to the RAD:

Western Region:
Fax number: 604-666-9870

Central Region:
Fax number: 416-954-1511

Eastern Region:
Fax number: 514-283-0164

Your legal representative can also use My Case to send and receive documents to the IRB. My Case is a secure document exchange. Documents sent using My Case receive a date stamp that shows they were filed on time.

Right now, My Case is only available to legal representatives who have a case at the IRB and who have applied to become a registered user. It can't be used to file your Notice of Appeal. Documents can only be shared through My Case after the appeal has been filed.

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