My workplace is not clean and I’m worried about COVID-19. What can I do?

Employers have a legal duty to keep their workplace safe, which includes keeping it clean. What the law says that employers must do depends on the type of workplace.

Some examples of what an employer may have to do because of the COVID-19 outbreak are:

  • install hand sanitizer stations in areas where there are a lot of people
  • put hand sanitizer in washrooms
  • tell cleaning staff to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently used and touched, like door knobs
  • reduce activities where there's physical contact between workers and between workers and members of the public
  • tell employees to wash their hands often, practice physical distancing, and stay home from work if they have symptoms of COVID-19

If you think that your workplace is not safe because of poor cleaning or some other reason, you can report this to the Ministry of Labour.

The Ministry of Labour recommends that you first speak with your employer or Joint Health and Safety Committee, if your workplace has one. But you do not have to speak to your employer before making a complaint.

Steps to Justice has more information about safety at work.

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