What if I get a space in a long-term care home but don’t want to move because of COVID-19?

The Ontario government made new rules for moving into long-term care homes because of COVID-19.

These rules:

  • protect your position on the waiting list if you or your wants to delay you moving in until there's less risk from COVID-19, and
  • let you keep your position on the waiting list for the care home that's your first choice if you have to go into a different care home because of COVID-19. This means that you can transfer to the care home you chose once they have a space.

A substitute decision-maker is a person who has the legal right to make decisions for you when you're not of making them yourself.

For information and help

If you don't know what to do if you're offered a long-term care space, you can contact the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly or your local community legal clinic.

You can also call your local Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) to find out what services it will provide. To find the HCCSS in your area, visit healthcareathome.ca and search by your postal code, or call 310-2222.


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