Who can get the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB)?Updated December 20

The Canadian government created the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) for people who don't have paid sick leave and:

  • get COVID-19, or
  • have to isolate or miss work because of COVID-19.

It is for people who do not qualify for Employment Insurance (EI).

The first day that you could get CRSB money for was September 27, 2020. It gives $500 a week for up to for 6 weeks. CRSB is available until at least May 7, 2022. The government may extend the program again if the COVID-19 situation has not improved.

You apply for the CRSB one week at a time through your online CRA MyAccount.

To apply, you must wait until the Monday after the week you missed work. And, you must apply within 60 days of missing work, unless you missed work between November 21 and December 11, 2021. In that case, you have until February 16, 2022, to apply.

Who qualifies

To qualify for the CRSB, all of the following must apply to you:

  • you live in Canada, are at least 15 years old, and have a  (SIN)
  • you have a job or are self-employed on the day before you would get a CRSB payment
  • you're not getting paid sick leave or  benefits during the weeks that you apply for
  • you're not eligible for EI
  • you had at least $5,000 in income from employment or self-employment in the years 2019, 2020, or 2021 or in the 12 months before the day you apply for the program.

EI maternity and parental benefits count as income. Only your net income counts for self-employment income.

Usually, the people who qualify for the CRSB will be self-employed or independent contractors, sometimes called gig workers. These people are not eligible for EI.

To qualify, you must also lose at least 50% of your time at work for the weeks that you apply for because:

  • you have COVID-19 or might have COVID-19,
  • a medical professional told you that you're more vulnerable to COVID-19 than the average person, or
  • your employer, a medical professional, or a public health unit told you to isolate because of COVID-19.

You can't get the CRSB at the same time as:


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