What is a Crown pre-trial?

Your first package of will have instructions on how to schedule a Crown pre-trial.

The Crown pre-trial is the first chance to talk to the Crown about your case. The discussion takes place in private outside the courtroom. You should schedule a Crown pre-trial as soon as you have enough disclosure to have a meaningful talk about your case.

The main purpose of the pre- is to identify issues that might be raised at trial. You may also discuss ways to resolve your case, and the the Crown is asking for if you

Be very careful about what you say to the Crown. Do not talk about what happened in your case at your Crown pre-trial. You don't want to accidentally say something during a pre-trial that the Crown can later use against you if you decide to and have a trial.

A lawyer or can help you understand what you should talk about and what you should not talk about with the Crown at a pre-trial. It's a good idea to talk to a lawyer or duty counsel before you have any discussions with the Crown.

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