What is Drug Treatment Court and how do I participate?

Drug Treatment Court (DTC) is a special court program for people who have a drug addiction. The idea is that if you treat your addiction, you're less likely to commit a crime again. There are many DTCs across Ontario.

Unlike , DTC usually requires a . If you're accepted, you're placed on bail while you complete the program. This is called “ pending .”

DTC is for people who:

  • are charged with non-violent offences,
  • currently use street drugs like opiates, cocaine, and methamphetamine, and
  • are charged with a crime primarily because of their addiction.

The DTC program is not for alcohol addiction.

Starting DTC

DTC might be a good program for you if you:

  • are currently using street drugs, you're ready to stop, and you want help
  • want to resolve your charges, especially if you're facing a lengthy jail sentence
  • understand that DTC is a big commitment, including coming to court many times for one to two years and following the treatment your DTC program requires
  • understand that if you get more charges or if you don't go to court or follow your bail conditions, you might be kicked out of the program or sentenced to jail time

To start a DTC program, you must:

  • apply
  • complete an initial assessment
  • get the Crown to agree to let you into the program
  • get a DTC bail, and
  • complete an in-depth assessment.

Get help

Before applying to DTC, it's a good idea to talk to your lawyer or for advice about whether DTC is right for you.

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