My car was repaired, but still isn’t working. What does my warranty cover?

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All repair shops must provide a for their parts and labour.

Most new and reconditioned parts are covered by a warranty for at least 90 days or 5,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. Some warranties may last longer. It is up to you to ask the repair shop what is covered by their warranty.

You may be covered by a warranty if:

  • you are within 90 days of when the repairs were done, and
  • the car has been driven less than 5,000 kilometers since the repairs were done

The warranty should also include the labour to replace bad parts. But, the warranty does not have to cover:

  • fluids, lights, tires, or batteries
  • parts that were not under a warranty by the manufacturer when the car was new
  • parts that you have misused or abused

If you are covered by a warranty you can go to the shop and ask for your money back. The shop can choose to fix or replace the part instead, but they cannot charge you more money to do that.

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