What is identity theft?

Identity theft happens when someone takes and uses your without your permission.

Types of personal information they take may include your:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • social insurance number
  • bank accounts
  • credit card numbers

Identity thieves may use your personal information to do things like:

  • apply for credit cards, bank loans, and other kinds of
  • take money from your bank accounts and shop with your credit cards
  • apply for social assistance, rent an apartment, or buy furniture or other goods with a store loan

In the end, you may have to pay for what they did when pretending to be you.

This type of is called identity .

Sometimes identify thieves also take the personal information of people who have died and pretend to be them.

A stolen identity can make things very difficult for you. You may have trouble getting approval for things like a bank loan, credit card, or mortgage, or even being able to rent an apartment. It can be very hard to improve your credit rating after a case of identity theft.

You may also have to spend a lot of time:

  • fixing mistakes on your
  • dealing with payments for things you did not buy
  • closing accounts opened in your name
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