How do I get a copy of my Record of Employment (ROE)?

Your (ROE) is a form that your employer fills in with information like how long you've worked for them, how many hours you worked, and how much you earned.

Your ROE also gives the reason why you're no longer working. For example, it will say if you were laid off, quit, or were fired.

Normally, Service Canada needs your ROE to decide if you're eligible for benefits. For example, to qualify for Employment Insurance, Service Canada will check to make sure you worked enough hours in the past year.

Getting your ROE

There are two ways for your employer to give you your ROE. They can send your ROE to the government electronically. Your employer must send an electronic copy within 5 days of the end of the pay period in which you stopped working. If this happens, you don't need a paper copy. You will need a My Service Canada Account to see your ROE online.

Or, your employer can give you a paper copy of your ROE. They must do this within 5 days of your first . If your employer gives you a paper copy, you have to mail it to Service Canada at:

Employment Insurance – Service Canada
PO Box 2602
Mississauga, Ontario
L4T 0B1

You can also ask your employer for your ROE using this letter writing tool.

Time limit for employers to do the ROE

If you're applying for Employment Insurance, you should apply as soon as you've had at least 7 days without work or pay, even if your employer has not yet given you your ROE. Without your ROE, you'll need proof of your employment, such as pay stubs and T-4 slips.

If you cannot get your ROE, call Service Canada at 1-800-206-7218 or mail in this form. A Service Canada agent will tell you how to get your ROE or what else they need to complete your application for benefits.

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