How do I register my baby’s birth in Ontario?

Every child born in Ontario must be registered with the Ontario government.

When you register your child's birth, you create a permanent record of who they are. This also allows you to apply for their birth certificate. You can use a birth certificate to prove your child's identity and to apply for other documents, like a passport or health card.

Only children born in Ontario can get an Ontario birth certificate. If your child was born in Canada but not in Ontario, contact the Vital Statistics Office in the province or territory where your child was born to get a birth certificate.

Registration forms

To register your child's birth in Ontario, send the following 2 forms to the Office of the Registrar General:

  1. Notice of Live Birth, which is filled out and sent by staff at the hospital where your baby was born or by the midwife who delivered your baby
  2. Statement of Live Birth, which you fill out and send online or by mail

If your baby is less than one year old, it's free to register their birth. If your baby is one year or older, you have to pay a fee and the process is longer. See Step 4.

Change information

If you want to change the information in your child's birth registration, you need to contact the Office of the Registrar General. It costs $22 to change information. You also have to send back any old birth certificates and order new ones.

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