What is a continuing record and how do I prepare one?

The continuing record is your family law court that has every document you and your partner want the court to look at. It is kept at the courthouse.

There are Family Law Rules that tell you what is needed at every step in a court case. Rule 9: Continuing record says that you must every document in your case in a continuing record so that the judge can find it easily when it's needed.

The continuing record has 2 parts:

  • The volume has all the endorsements and court orders the judge made in your case. An endorsement is the written directions a judge gives you and your partner that says what you must do or not do.
  • The documents volume has most of the documents you and your partner file in your case.

If you are the , you start the continuing record and keep adding your documents to it. If you are the you add your documents to the continuing record your partner started.

If you don't have a lawyer, court staff can help you add your documents to the continuing record.

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