What happens if I call the police about my abusive partner?

If you or someone you love is in danger from abuse, you need to get emergency help right away.

You may have someone you can call who can help right away. You may also want to contact the police by calling 911.

If you call 911, the police are allowed to come into your home. They decide what happens next, including if they:

If you are not a Canadian citizen

If you are not a Canadian citizen you may wonder if you will be forced to leave Canada if you leave your abusive partner.

You should talk to an immigration lawyer right away. If it is safe, talk to one before you call the police and before you leave your abusive partner. But if you or your children are in danger, safety is the most important concern. You need to get help right away so may still need to call the police even if you haven't talked to an immigration lawyer.

If you call the police, they might contact immigration authorities to ask about your status. The police computer system will show if you have an immigration warrant for your arrest. A warrant is a document that allows the police or immigration authorities to arrest you. It is created when you do not show up for a hearing or appointment with immigration officials.

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