I sent in my application for CPP disability benefits. Now what?

There's information about completing your application in How do I apply for CPP disability benefits?

When you send in your application for , someone who works for the CPP looks at the information. They decide whether or not they think your disability qualifies you for benefits.

The CPP may ask you for more information, if they need more to make a decision.

The CPP does not give you a physical examination before they decide whether to give you benefits. They rely on the information that you give them, and any other information they collect directly from your doctor, former or current employers, or others.

Getting a decision

It usually takes about 4 months to get a decision about your application for .

If you don't hear anything after 3 months, contact the CPP.

The CPP will send you a letter telling you whether or not they approve your application.

If they don't approve it, they'll tell you why. They will also usually phone you to tell you your claim has not been approved. You can appeal if you disagree with the decision.

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