How do I give notice to end my weekly or daily rental?

In most situations you have to tell your landlord in writing that you want to end your and move out. This is called giving . If you don't give proper notice, you could end up owing more rent. For your notice to be legal, you must:

  • choose the right date to end your tenancy, which is called the
  • include all the necessary information in writing
  • give the notice to your landlord on time

If you rent on a basis, your termination date must be the last day of a rental . Usually this is the day before your rent is due. If you pay rent daily, then your termination date can be any day you choose.

You must give your landlord the notice at least 28 days before your termination date.

Exception: You can leave on only 10 days' notice if your landlord gave you a notice to move out for certain reasons.

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