I’m taking my landlord to the LTB. How do I prepare for my hearing?Updated March 22

It's important to prepare for your hearing long before your hearing date. The  (LTB) will expect you to be ready. You should bring everything you need with you to the hearing.

Here are some things you might need to do to get ready for your hearing:

  • ask to change the hearing date
  • arrange for witnesses to come to the hearing
  • prepare your 

And if a remote hearing would be unfair for you, you might want to ask for accommodations.

The LTB will send you a of hearing with information about how to prepare for your hearing and what will happen at your hearing. If you don't receive the notice, email the LTB or call 1-888-332-3234.

It's important to try to get legal help as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute, you might not be able to get the help you need. The LTB expects you to be ready for your hearing on the scheduled date and usually does not give you extra time to look for help.

If the hearing is on a day when you can’t go

It's very important that you go to the hearing. If you know you won't be able to go, you should ask as soon as possible to reschedule the hearing. You can read about how to ask the LTB to change your hearing date in the question I’m taking my landlord to the LTB. How do I change the hearing date?

If the LTB won't reschedule your hearing, you will have to go to the hearing or send someone to represent you.

If you don't go or send someone, the LTB will probably dismiss your . This means your application is cancelled. The LTB could also  you to pay some of the costs that your landlord paid to attend the hearing.

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