What if my landlord got an eviction order without a hearing?

In some situations, the (LTB) can make an eviction without holding a hearing. This is called an  order.

Your landlord can apply for an ex parte order, without giving you any notices, if your landlord claims that any of these things happened:

  • you did not follow an LTB order or settlement agreement from an earlier eviction case, and that order or agreement says that your landlord can apply to the LTB without telling you
  • you and your landlord agreed that you would move out
  • you gave your landlord a written saying you would move out

If your landlord applied for an ex parte order, you might not find out about it until the LTB sends you a copy of the order. You can tell it is an ex parte order if it says “Order under section 77(4)” or “Order under section 78(6)” at the top. And it should mention one of the three points above.

If you've decided to move, you should do so by the day that the LTB has ordered you to move out. This is sometimes called the and it is usually on the last page of the order. After the termination date, your landlord can get a court official called the Sheriff to physically evict you.

If you do not want to move, you must do something about the eviction order right away.

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