What problems can I apply to the LTB about?

Your landlord has responsibilities under the law. For example, they have to:

  • repair and maintain your place
  • follow the rules about raising your rent
  • respect your privacy

If your landlord isn't following the law, you can apply to the (LTB).

What will the LTB do?

The LTB is like a court but it is less formal. When you apply to the LTB you are starting a legal process.

After you apply, there will be chances for you and your landlord to discuss a solution to the problem. If you can't agree, the LTB will hear both sides and make a decision.

If the LTB finds that your landlord has not followed the law, they can your landlord to fix or stop the problems. The LTB can also order your landlord to compensate you by paying you money or reducing your rent.

In most cases, before you apply to the LTB, you should take some steps to try to get your landlord to deal with the problem. For example, for repair problems, the LTB will expect you to show that you told your landlord about the problems and gave your landlord a reasonable time to fix them.

But you shouldn't wait too long, either. The LTB usually can't do anything if you apply more than one year after the problem stopped or was fixed.

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