Do I qualify to become a Canadian citizen?

You may be able to become a Canadian citizen if you're a and:

  • you meet the residency requirements, which say how much time you must spend in Canada to become a citizen
  • there aren't any criminal or security reasons that stop you from being eligible
  • you don't “misrepresent” to Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada (IRCC), which means giving information that's not true and correct or leaving out information that you're required to give
  • there's no that says you must leave Canada
  • you filed personal income taxes for 3 of the last 5 years, unless income tax laws say you didn't have to

And most people between 18 and 54 years old must also:

Applying for citizenship

Many permanent residents apply for citizenship as soon as they can.

But for some people, there are reasons to wait or to not apply at all.

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