Can I get ODSP while I’m in the hospital?

Long delays for appeal hearings

If you're appealing a decision made by OW or ODSP in 2020, your appeal hearing may not happen for a long time. People report that they're getting hearing dates from the that are between 9 and 16 months in the future. We'll update this information as things change.

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) keeps paying you while you're in the hospital.

For the first 3 months, this includes the amount of your income support that helps pay for housing. For example, you might pay rent where you live.

If you're in the hospital longer than 3 months, ODSP can reduce the amount of your income support. But they don't have to do this if, for example:

  • you're still paying for your housing outside the hospital
  • you have less money because you can't work while you're in the hospital

There are rules about getting income support if you're living in a place where you get treated for substance abuse or you get other “specialized care”. Some people qualify for income support because they live in a place that provides specialized care.

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