I am from Afghanistan and am waiting for an admissibility hearing or appeal at the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Can I get an earlier date?NewUpdated September 30

Immigration Division cases

All admissibility hearings and detention reviews involving Afghan nationals at the Immigration Division (ID) of the (IRB) are being scheduled more quickly than usual.

At an , the ID member decides if you are “inadmissible”. They decide this based on whether you meet the legal requirements for the immigration status you want to get or keep. Being found inadmissible means that you can't stay or be admitted to Canada.

A detention review is a hearing at the ID to decide if there are legal reasons to keep you detained or whether you can be released from detention.

Ask for your hearing to be held sooner

You or your lawyer can ask the ID to schedule your hearing as soon as possible. You can send your request by email to IRB.TorontoID-SIToronto.CISR@irb-cisr.gc.ca or by fax to 416-744-4274.

Immigration Appeal Division cases

All appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the IRB that involve Afghan nationals are being scheduled more quickly than usual.

If you want your appeal to happen sooner, you or your lawyer can contact the IAD Registry to ask them to review your appeal as soon as possible.

Central Region (Toronto):

Email: IRB.IAD.TOR.Scheduling-SAI.TOR.Miseaurole.CISR@irb-cisr.gc.ca

Fax number: 416-954-1165

Eastern Region (Ottawa and Kingston):

Email: IRB.IAD.MTL.Scheduling-SAI.MTL.Miseaurole.CISR@irb-cisr.gc.ca

Fax number: 514-283-0164

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