Can I change or cancel my Power of Attorney for Property?

Yes. As long as you're mentally capable of making a Power of Attorney for Property, you can cancel or it, or make a different one.

You might need to do this if your attorney has died or is no longer willing to be your attorney. Or, you might want to change your attorney.

A Power of Attorney ends when you die or if:

  • You cancel or revoke your Power of Attorney while you're still .
  • Your attorney dies, becomes incapable, or resigns, unless you named more than one attorney or you named a substitute attorney.
  • A court appoints a for you. This might happen if your attorney is not looking after your money properly or is taking money for themselves.
  • You sign a new while you're , unless the new one says that you want to have more than one Power of Attorney for Property.

Get legal help

For legal advice or help with a Power of Attorney for Property, you can talk to an estates lawyer.

If you have a low income, some community legal clinics may be able to give you free legal advice about your Powers of Attorney.

See here for a list of legal clinics that help with wills and Powers of Attorney.

If you have a low income and live in the Kingston area, you may be able to get help from the Queen’s University Elder Law Clinic.

If you're not eligible to get help from a community legal clinic and cannot afford to hire a lawyer, there are services such as Axess Law that offer legal services at lower rates.

Pro Bono Ontario's free legal advice hotline can give you up to 30 minutes of free legal advice about creating Powers of Attorney. Call 1-855-255-7256.

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