Latest Updates

Latest Updates

On the Radar - How community workers and protest organizers can help protesters stay safe

This month's On the Radar from CLEO focuses on:

  • practical tips for anyone planning to attend a protest
  • legal rights information and resources for protesters

The number of public protests across Canada has seen a dramatic increase in recent weeks. In part spurred on by the global Black Lives Matter movement, Canadian protesters have targeted a range of issues, including:

Evictions starting again in Ontario

Starting August 4, 2020, the eviction freeze that protected most residential tenants and homeowners from being evicted by the Sheriff has expired.

This means that if the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) has made an eviction order against a tenant, the landlord can have the Sheriff enforce the order by evicting the tenant and having the locks changed.

The landlord does not need to get special permission from the Superior Court, as they did during the freeze.