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How this tool works

If you bought a product or service from a business and you're not satisfied, the first step is to write them a letter.

This tool creates a complaint letter that you can send to the business. After you answer a series of questions, you'll get an email with the contents of the letter.

Who the tool is for

In most cases, the same rules apply whether you buy a product or service from a store, a door-to-door salesperson, online, by phone, or by mail.

For example, you might have a problem with a used car, car repairs, maintenance or repairs on your home, an appliance, or an item of clothing you bought online.

After you send the letter, if the business does not fix the problem, you can complain to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. You must do this within 2 years of when you bought the product or service.

Note: It's best to make your complaint to the Ministry within 6 months of buying the product or service. Then, if the Ministry is not able to help, you'll still have time to file a claim in Small Claims Court. You have 2 years to do this.

What you need to get started

To use the tool, you need:

  • an email address
  • the name of the business you want to complain about
  • a mailing address or email address for the business
  • information about the product or service that you bought, including documents like pictures or sales receipts

Steps to Justice has more information on consumer rights.

CLEO does not store your personal information.

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