Letter writing tool: Tenant’s right to move back in after renovations

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Information about the tool

Landlords can evict tenants to do work on a rental unit that can’t be done while people are living there. To do this, your landlord should give you a Form N13 from the Landlord and Tenant Board.

You have the right to move back into your unit when the work is done. This is called the “right of first refusal”. But before you move out, you must tell your landlord in writing that you want to move back in.

This tool asks you a series of questions and creates a letter you can send to your landlord to tell them this.

Make sure to follow the steps in this checklist about what you must do before and after you move out.

Read more in Can my landlord make me move out for repairs or renovations?

What you need to get started

To use this tool, you need:

  • your email address
  • the Form N13 that you got from your landlord
  • the name and address of your landlord
  • the names of any other tenants who live in your unit, if they also want to move back in

Note: CLEO does not store your personal information.

Who can use this tool

You can use this tool if:

You can’t use this tool if you live in:

  • a subsidized housing unit
  • a mobile home park or land lease community and own your home
  • a care home
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