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New information available on overpayments in income assistance

Steps to Justice has updated content about the new policy to reduce OW or ODSP assistance by 10% when collecting an overpayment in some situations.
Justice pas-à-pas a actualisé l’information sur la nouvelle politique du programme OT ou du POSPH qui peut réduire l’aide financière de 10% si dans certains cas,

New information available on child protection

Steps to Justice now has information for families involved with children’s aid societies.
La version française sera disponible ultérieurement.
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New Guided Pathways for children, support, and property issues in separation and divorce

Get online help to complete family law court forms from CLEO’s Guided Pathways. Now available on Steps to Justice, the latest online tool helps people fill out the forms they need to ask for custody, access, support, and/or property division when they separate or divorce.
Learn more about the Guided Pathways project here.

Latest content from Steps to Justice

Here is just some of the new legal content we have launched recently on Steps to Justice:

Employment and Work – Employment Insurance
Social Assistance – Working while on social assistance
Family Law – Child Protection – Motherrisk
Social Assistance – Assets or inheritances
Consumer Law –

Technologizing Access to Justice

Steps to Justice was profiled in a January 4, 2017 column entitled Technologizing Access to Justice in Slaw: Canada’s online legal magazine. Here is a excerpt from that article:
By The Action Group on Access to Justice
Last month, Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) and Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General hosted The Final Pitch of the Ontario Access to Justice Challenge.

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