2. Apply for a peace bond

How do I apply for a peace bond?
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2. Apply for a peace bond

You apply for a peace bond at your local provincial court. If there is no court close to you, you can go to a police station to apply.

You're called "the applicant" because you're applying for the peace bond.

You must present an information in front of a justice of the peace or judge. An information is a sworn statement that says why you need a peace bond. This process is also called "laying a private information".

In the information, you need to show why you have a reasonable fear that the other person will:

  • hurt you, someone in your family, or your pets,
  • damage your property, or
  • share an intimate image or video of you without your consent.

Reasonable means that someone listening to you believes that your fear of one of those things happening is real based on your evidence

You should be as specific and give as much detail as possible. For example, if the other person threatened you, include details about what exactly they said, when, where, and if anyone else heard them.

If the justice of the peace or judge agrees that there is enough evidence, they will summons the person to come to court. A summons is a document that tells the person they must go to court on a specific date and time.

Or if the justice of the peace or judge thinks the person is danger to you or others, or that they won't show up for court, they can issue a warrant for their arrest.

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Reviewed: May 15, 2018

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