2. Get a copy of the peace bond or restraining order

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Abuse and Family Violence - Domestic violence

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What if I have to move out because of violence or abuse?
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2. Get a copy of the peace bond or restraining order

Instead of using the Tenant’s Statement, you can give your landlord a copy of a court order, if there is one.

The court order must be either a restraining order from family court or a peace bond from criminal court.

The order must have been made in the last 90 days and it must be against one of the following people:

  • your spouse or former spouse
  • someone you live with or have lived with in a marriage-like relationship
  • someone you are dating or used to date
  • someone living in the rental unit who is related to you or the child

Even if you have a court order, you do not have to give the landlord a copy. You can give them the Tenant’s Statement form instead.  You might choose to do this if you don’t want your landlord to have all the information that is in the court order.

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Reviewed: August 31, 2017

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