What can I do if I see abuse in a long-term care home?

2. Understand when you must report

If you work at a , it does not matter what your job is. You must report abuse.

This is true even if the report is based on information that you would normally keep confidential, such as about a resident's health.

For example, you still have to report if you're a member of:

If the law says that you must report abuse and you don't do this, you may be guilty of an offense and be fined. This applies to everyone who works at a long-term care home, except for contract staff or agency staff who occasionally provide maintenance or repair services.


Visitors must report any abuse they see or suspect in a long-term care home. This could be abuse of a resident who's a family member, a friend, or even someone you don't know.


The only people who do not have to report abuse are residents of a long-term care home. Residents can report abuse, but the law does not say that they have to.

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